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From seed selection to delivery, on-farm practices can impact market access for all. Follow the Keep it Clean guidelines to ensure your crop is market ready and help protect Canada’s reputation as a trusted supplier of canola, cereals and pulses.

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Blackleg can jeopardize the yield and quality of your canola and create market risk. Protect your investment and Canada’s reputation as a trusted supplier of high-quality canola: employ an integrated blackleg management strategy that includes scouting, crop rotation and growing resistant varieties.

Canadian cereal growers — fusarium head blight (FHB) can produce the mycotoxin DON and impact the quality and marketability of your wheat, barley and oat crops. This season, follow our fusarium management best practices to stay ahead of FHB and limit the spread and severity of outbreaks.

Growers like you can protect your investment and help keep markets open for all by ensuring you always read and follow the label for all crop protection products. Off-label use is illegal and may result in unacceptable residues. To keep your crop ready for market – always Follow the Label.