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Simple Tip #3:
Manage Disease Pressures

An integrated disease management plan is important to maintain yield and profitability and can help protect Canada’s reputation as a supplier of high-quality canola, cereals and pulses. Diseases like blackleg in canola and fusarium head blight (FHB) in cereals may also create a market risk.

Protect your investment by following these disease management tips for all crops:

  • Grow disease resistant varieties when available.
  • Consider applying an appropriately timed fungicide when there is an elevated risk of disease.
  • Plan crop rotations to manage disease.
  • Plant clean seed and consider a seed treatment under high-risk conditions to improve plant stand and crop competitiveness.
  • Control volunteer plants, weeds and other susceptible hosts of the disease.
  • Use an integrated pest management approach.

Additional Resources

Managing Blackleg in Canola

Blackleg in canola can cause yield and quality losses, impact profitability and may create a market risk.

Managing Fusarium in Cereals

Fusarium head blight (FHB) reduces yields, decreases grain quality and may limit crop marketing opportunities.

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