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Tip #5:
Deliver What You Declare

The Declaration of Eligibility affidavit is a legally binding document and any incorrect information, intentional or unintentional, can be traced back to the farm and individuals can be held liable for the costs associated with contamination of a bin or shipment.

When you sign the mandatory Declaration at the elevator, you are making a legal assertion that your crop is the variety and/or class you have designated and that it was not treated with the crop input products specified in the declaration to ensure it meets the requirements of our export markets.

Declarations of Eligibility have changed effective August 2020 as part of Canada’s commitments under the CUSMA. Farmers should take time to review updated Declarations and be aware of how the changes may affect your operation.

Visit grainscanada.gc and talk to your grain buyer to learn more.

Additional Resources

De-registered Canola Varieties

Do not seed these de-registered canola varieties or any seed produced from them, and don’t deliver them to a Canadian elevator or crushing plant.

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