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Tip #4:
Store Your Crop Properly

Proper storage helps to maintain crop quality and keeps the bulk free of harmful cross-contaminants that may create market risk.

  • Make sure your storage bins are free of treated seed and animal protein like blood meal and bone meal.
  • Clean bins thoroughly prior to storing your crop.
  • Only use approved bin treatments (e.g. diatomaceous earth on cereals).
  • Never use malathion to prepare canola for storage or to treat bins used to store canola. Its residue can linger for months, so do not store canola in a bin treated with malathion in the current growing season.
  • Condition crops to moisture and temperature levels safe for long-term storage.
  • Keep bins cool, dry, well-ventilated and check their condition regularly.

Read Practice Safe Storage to Prevent OTA in Cereals to learn more about how to reduce mycotoxin formation in stored grain.

Additional Resources

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Never use malathion to prepare canola for storage or treat bins in which you plan to store canola.

Check Your Bins! Monitor On-Farm Storage to Reduce Risk

You worked hard to bring in your crop, but factors like high-moisture seed put stored canola at higher risk.

Practice Safe Storage to Prevent OTA in Cereals

Ochratoxin A (OTA) is a potent, naturally-occurring mycotoxin that can form on stored cereal grains in high moisture conditions.

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