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Keep Canada’s Pulses Clean

Canada exports close to $4 billion of pulse crops to over 130 countries annually, and shipments containing even the smallest amount of unacceptable pesticide residue can be rejected, causing millions of dollars in losses and putting key markets at risk.

Market access is important to the Canadian pulse industry, and both growers and their advisors play a key role in keeping the doors to export markets open. By knowing the market impact of crop protection product choices and taking steps to mitigate risk, we can ensure Canada’s pulses continue to meet the needs of our domestic and export customers.

Help protect Canada’s reputation as a quality supplier by following the Keep it Clean guidelines to grow a market ready crop.

Pulse Resources

Product Advisory

A list of crop protection products which may create market risk when used on some crops and steps to mitigate risk.

Pre-harvest Glyphosate Staging Guide for Pulses

Use this handy staging guide to determine when grain moisture is less than 30%.

Pre-Harvest Interval Calculator

An interactive tool to find a pesticide to suit your application timeline or to calculate pre-harvest interval (PHI) – the number of days to wait after product application before swathing or straight-cutting the crop.

We’re all in
this together.

Do your part to protect the quality and reputation of Canadian crops and help keep markets open for all.

Follow the Keep it Clean 5 Simple Tips to ensure your canola, cereals and pulses are ready for market.