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Pre-harvest Glyphosate Staging Guide for Canola

Use this handy staging guide to determine when grain moisture is less than 30% in Canola crops.

What to Look for

By applying pre-harvest glyphosate at 50-60% seed colour change in the least mature areas of the field, including any areas of regrowth with seed production, growers can be confident grain moisture will be <30%. At this stage, seeds in the main stem will be:

  • Top = green, firm to roll
  • Middle = mostly brown, with some speckling
  • Bottom = completely brown/black

7–14 days after pre-harvest glyphosate application.

General Information

  • Where allowed, glyphosate is registered for pre-harvest weed control and is not to be used as a desiccant
  • Pre-harvest glyphosate may only be applied when grain moisture content is less than 30% in the least mature part of the field, including any areas of regrowth which may produce seed. Applying too early can result in unacceptable product residues in the grain.
  • To avoid unacceptable residue levels, always follow the product’s label for application rate, timing and pre-harvest interval (PHI).
  • Never harvest earlier than recommended – this can increase the risk of unacceptable glyphosate residues in harvested grain.
  • When using glyphosate for pre-harvest weed control in a tank mix with other products, such as Saflufenacil (Heat), the products must still be applied when grain moisture content is less than 30% in the least mature part of the field and must also follow the PHI of the most restrictive product label.

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