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Pre-harvest Tips and Tools Webinar 2021

This webinar recording provides timely pre-harvest tips and tools to help agronomists, farmers and retailers protect the marketability of Canada’s canola, cereal and pulse crops.

Our presenters covered topics such as proper staging for pre-harvest glyphosate application, the importance of following pre-harvest intervals for crop protection products and scouting for disease. You will also learn about handy online tools from Keep it Clean that you can take into the field to help maintain Canada’s world-class reputation as a trusted supplier of canola, cereals and pulses.

Hear from the Following Speakers:

  • Ian Epp, Agronomy Specialist at the Canola Council of Canada
  • Haley Tetreault, Agronomy Extension Specialist at Sask Wheat Development Commission
  • Greg Bartley, Director, Crop Protection & Crop Quality at Pulse Canada

As an export-driven industry, the success of Canadian agriculture depends on steady and predictable access to major international markets and pre-harvest considerations are an important part of that.

A Q&A session occurred follow the speaker presentations.