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Product Advisory Webinar 2022

Read the Product Advisory Webinar Q & A

This webinar includes presentations by:

  • Krista Zuzak, Director of Crop Protection and Production, Cereals Canada;
  • Greg Bartley, Director of Crop Protection & Crop Quality, Pulse Canada;
  • Ian Epp, Agronomy Specialist, Canola Council of Canada.

Zuzak and Bartley opens the webinar with a review of the Canada Grains Council’s Market Acceptance of Pesticide Use Policy and how market risks are determined. Zuzak then reviews the product/crop combinations in the 2022 Product Advisory that may cause market risks for cereals this growing season. Bartley provides an overview of the product/crop combinations that may cause market risks for pulses and Epp discusses the importance of best practices for pesticide application throughout the growing season.