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Webinar for Retailers and Agronomists 2021

This webinar featured presentations from Brian Innes – Vice President of Public Affairs at the Canola Council, Cam Dahl – President of Cereals Canada, and Mac Ross – Pulse Canada’s Manger, Market Access and Trade Policy.

Each presenter spoke on specific market access issues for their respective commodities, and gave timely, practical information for agronomists and retailers to share with their grower customers.

Webinar Agenda:

Brian Innes, Canola Council: Keep it Clean! Overview, Malathion use restrictionsBlackleg ManagementFall Applications of Glyphosate

Cam Dahl, Cereals Canada: Fall Applications of GlyphosateFusarium Management

Mac Ross, Pulse Canada: Pulse MRL AdvisorySpray to Swath CalculatorFall Applications of Glyphosate

Q & A Period

These webinar topics were selected for their relevancy to farmer advisors and their customers. Recognizing the necessity to communicate best practices to manage risk, protect grower investments and to keep markets open for all, we encourage you to share this with your colleagues and customers.