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We have updated our 2021 Product Advisory to inform Canadian barley growers of market risks associated with using chlormequat (Manipulator) on barley for malt, food and feed, moving it from Green/Acceptable to Yellow/Be Informed. Growers are encouraged to confirm contract obligations and acceptance with your grain buyer before using chlormequat on all barley. There are no market restrictions for using chlormequat (Manipulator) on oats or wheat.

As an industry, we work together on a robust analysis and review process regarding market access concerns related to MRL’s and other potential risks. The Keep it Clean Product Advisory is released in early spring following this review process to communicate its outcomes to growers and their advisors as early as possible.

Sometimes, changes in market access concerns occur after we have completed our review process, but the Keep it Clean initiative allows us to alert growers of these changes as they happen in real time so they can respond.

We encourage growers to review the 2021 Product Advisory, and to consult with their grain buyer before making product applications for the 2021 growing season to ensure the products they plan to apply are acceptable to the customers of Canadian agriculture commodities.